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In an increased effort to meet the scholastic needs of our students, Great Falls Academy now offers a foreign language course.  Spanish is rapidly becoming the second most used language in the United States, and becoming bilingual is an asset for all aspiring working professionals.  The ability to speak two languages is crucial for many positions and can give students the edge needed to land an opportunity.

Students are given the opportunity to learn basic phrases and terms necessary for communication, as well as more complex sentences and proper verb conjugations.  While the course remains rigorous enough for Spanish-speaking students to refine their spelling, vocabulary, and writing skills, students who aren't fluent are given the necessary instruction to scaffold conversational tools.

About the Teacher

Mrs. Lopez graduated Universidad de San Marcos in Lima, Peru and moved to the United States in 1992.  She went on to graduate from William Paterson with a B.A. and her Masters of Language and Culture from the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain in 2013.  She began teaching Spanish in 2000 in Paterson Public Schools.  In this past year, Mrs. Lopez has pioneered our foreign language department: offering her knowlege to students, and helping them gain a better understanding of speaking Spanish.  She has run the gamet--teaching students from elementary school, middle school, and high school alike.  Her vast experience, educational background, and personal insight into Spanish language and culture have made her a valuable asset to the Great Falls Academy staff.