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Physical Education



Gym offers the opportunity for every student to get daily exercise which has proven important in maintaining the highest level of efficiency for the human brain.  Playing sports allows the students of Great Falls Academy an outlet to blow off steam, engage in teamwork, and comradery.  Sports practiced include Flag Football, Basketball, Whiffle ball, Softball, and Volleyball.  Great Falls Academy provides transportation for students to the Gym on Temple Street. 


Health class covers all aspects of the human body.   In sex education, students learn about the reproductive system, as well as the dangers and precautions for preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and blood-borne pathogens.  Drug education teachers students the harmful effects of illegal street and prescription drugs, as well as the adverse effects of smoking cigarettes and the damage smoking causes to various organs within the body.  Students are also tutored in proper nutrition.  Many students in Great Falls Academy are practicing athletes, and the knowledge Dr. Siraki imparts is crucial in their success as players as well as the sports scholarships they are able to achieve for college.

Driver's Ed

Dr. Siraki provides a "crash" course in Driver's Education for students applying for their permit and license to drive.  Students are given the text-books and practice tests needed to obtain their driver's licenses.  Each test is given with fidelity and the highest level of professional security to assure each and every student is properly prepared to drive on the road.  Once they have been instructed they are given their official Permit test right here at Great Falls Academy.  It is then up to them to schedule their behind the wheel instruction and driver's test for their provisional license.

About the Teacher

Mr. D Jones: Graduated from Montclair State Univerisity with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education and Health. Mr. Jones educates the students of Great Falls Academy with a vast knowledge of the human body and a healthy sense of humor--engaging each child every day, and giving them the opportunity to exert some energy in gym.