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Mr. Hussein




In geometry students learn plotting coordinates on graphs by finding the x and y axis.  The Law of Sines and Cosines teaches students how to determine measurements of sides and angles within a triangle without having all the data in ambiguous cases.  In these mathematical problems students are given various data on a triangle and asked to determine the missing measurements and fill in the blanks. Calculating the area of triangles is explained by using the height and base measurments. Students are also given instruction on the Pythagorean Theorum which finds the measurement of any side of a right triangle using data from the measurements of the given sides (AB^2 + BC^2 = AC^2).  Finally, students are also given instruction on distance formulas using coordinates to take measurements and finding angle pair relationships.  The following angles are covered in this course : Linear pair, adjacent pair, vertical pair and complimentary.

Algebra 1 & 2:

Algebra 1 consists of linear equations, while Algebra 2 is graphing polynomials.  In Algebra students are taught a curriculum based on the New Jersey Common Core State Standards, available on the district website in detail.  Due to the large gaps in background knowledge, Great Falls Academy must differentiate instruction in order to provide rigor to students at the current grade level knowlege, as well as conveying the information to those students who have fallen behind.  Luckily, the Algebra courses have the luxury of a Resource Teacher for Special Education students to assist in instruction on a daily basis.  Teachers work in teams to instruct and assist; giving a lead for students to work from while providing individualized instruction one-on-one to the students who need it most.

About the Teachers


Mr. Alade: Mr. Alade teaches Geometry and Geophysical Science at Great Falls.  He has a Masters Degree in Special Education and a certificate in Instructional Supervision as well as a certificate in School Business Administration.  He graduated from University of Lagos in Nigeria and New Jersey City University.  His knowledge in subject matter in combination with his immense educational background is imparted daily to his students. 

Mr. Crisp

Mr. Crisp:   Mr. Crisp is the Resource Teacher for the Algebra classes at Great Falls Academy.  With a Bachelors Degree of Communication for Kean University, and a Teacher of Students with Disabilities.  In 2010, Mr. Crisp began his employment at Great Falls Academy, but he previously taught at School 10 for two years prior.  He helps the Special Ed population with a wide achievement gap grasp information conveyed by Mr. Cabanillas so they don't fall behind.  He was voted Teacher of the Year in 2014--a testament to his ability to connect with the students.  With a light-hearted nature he dedicates his time to the students--making learning fun while relieving the stress of students who are having a hard time understanding by individualized instruction during lessons.