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Grading Scale

Grading Scale


All parents are required to attend the first 2 report card nights (1st and 2nd marking periods) of the year to meet with their son/daughter’s teachers.  Further, parents must attend 5 out of the 10 home school council meetings for the year.  Failure to comply with this policy will result your son or daughter not being eligible to return to their sending school.  Parents are free to send a representative in their place for any of the aforementioned meeting dates.



A = 90 - 100 

B = 80 - 89 

C = 70 - 79 

D = 60 - 69

F = 59 and below

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
The Board of Education requires all candidates for graduation to successfully complete 125 credits in course work, including the specific requirements listed below, as well as pass a proficiency assessment.
English/Language Arts
20 credits
(includes English I – IV) Mathematics
15 credits
(includes Algebra I and Geometry, plus one additional class that builds on Algebra I and Geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers) Health and Physical Education
20 credits
as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:35-5, 7 and 8
(a minimum of 3.75 credits a year, distributed as 150 minutes per week) Science
15 credits
(including lab biology/life science; lab chemistry, physics, or environmental science; plus an additional lab/inquiry based science class) Social Studies
15 credits
includes satisfaction of N.J.S.A 18A:35-1 and 2 and the integration of civics, economics, geography and global content in all course offerings (including World History; US History I and II) World Languages
10 credits
or approved student demonstration of proficiency 21st Century Life and Careers
5 credits
(includes Business, Family and Consumer Science, Technology or Vocational Technical Education) Financial, Economics, and Entrepreneurial Literacy
2.5 credits Visual and Performing Arts
5 credits
(includes Art, Music, Drama and Dance) Electives
17.5 additional credits
from elective courses
Technological Literacy
Consistent with the Core Content Curriculum Standards, and

Back to School/Report Card Night for Parents

Click HERE for the district calendar specifying dates for Back to School and Report Card nights.